Elite Nanny Process

Our Nannies are thoroughly vetted, passionate about education, and happy to provide complete household support. Each nanny undergoes a rigorous interview process with our human resources team and higher education professionals before joining the EAN team.

Comprehensive Guidance

We walk you step-by-step through the process of securing a wonderful family! After you’re matched, we follow up with you for the 1st year to provide coaching or guidance if needed.

Matching Tailored to You

We learn about your employment preferences including schedule, location, children’s ages, beliefs, and more to ensure each family you meet is a great long-term fit. 

Competitive Pay and Benefits

Our families are seeking long-term teammates! They offer rates between $20 – $28+/hour, paid time off, paid holidays, and more. We help you negotiate employment terms to ensure satisfaction.

Professional Support

We’re for you! You are supported by our monthly infant guides, baby sign language guide, hands-on curriculum, and more. Have a new problem? Let us know and we will provide supportive resources!
A thorough background check- The Package Includes: The US Alias SEARCH. This multi-faceted search combines a search through the criminal conviction database with known aliases sourced from a name and address history based on the subject’s social security number. The names searched for include the primary name and other names found in the name and address history for your subject, such as maiden names, previously married names, middle names used as first names, nicknames, and other aliases—employment, Education, Licenses or Certifications and DOT Driving Record Reports.