Elite Nanny Teaching Approach

The elite families have three choices: Homeschooling, STEM, or the Montessori methodology.


Educational Nanny homeschool teachers are more in demand now than ever! To be qualified as a nanny homeschool teacher, our nannies must be certified teachers with a degree in education. Many homeschool professionals have taught in traditional classrooms, homeschooled their children, and have exceptional educational approaches. Montessori and STEM are our most common approaches. As parents considering homeschooling as an option for their children, preparing their toddlers to attend Montessori school or even a language immersion school- ask potential teacher candidates about their educational background, approach to teaching, and professional references.


The Montessori Method was first established in 1906 by Dr. Maria Montessori. This approach emphasizes children’s natural development by implementing independence and creativity. Montessori as an educational practice stimulates children with hands-on learning experiences in a supportive and well-prepared learning environment. The results are astonishing. The Montessori method supports the children in developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management skills while having fun in a safe and controlled educational space created by our nannies.

Our nannies incorporate the Montessori principles into your household routine and will communicate respectfully to the children giving feedback and support. Another fundamental task of a Montessori nanny is to set up interactive and appealing activities to help the children to learn while being involved in fun, practical day-to-day tasks like cooking.


STEM activities for toddlers and grade school children are crucial. Toddlers are all about curiosity and play. Offering your toddler the freedom to explore their surroundings, see how things work, and explore cause and effect. You will see a lot of observation, questioning, experimenting, analyzing, concluding, and sharing. Remember, toddlers learn best through exploratory play and hands-on experiences! Play is essential to your toddler’s learning and development. Toddlers come by it naturally and are drawn to STEM activities because they are curious! The best way to support STEM learning is through play and by making available materials, tools, and resources that our nannies are equipped and educated to do.